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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

May We Live In Interesting Times

The cliche continues. The airport is still occupied by the PAD, who have run off the police, and have admitted to planning to use women and children as human shields if need be. I'm finding the best information is coming from various blogs, rather than the mainstream press: Bangkok Pundit is compiling articles from various sources and adding intelligent commentary.

One of his sources is a very interesting blog by a British expat who decided to see what the PAD occupation of Government House was all about back in September. It gives some insight into who the protesters are and why they are participating in this exercise. He likens it to "visiting a temple fair through the back door... the only thing...missing were the fairground rides". And his photos show Thais happily posing in all manner of yellow garb and a site that looks like an urban campsite. Evidently, for many Thais it is seen as "historic" and safely rebellious (the 'safe' part may have required reconsideration after the occasional lobbing of bombs at the site). But, as he was leaving the site, a comparison with the "Wild Wild West" was more appropriate as he witnessed PAD guards beating someone with iron rods.

This situation is clearly a study in contradictions, beginning with the name of the group. Their true agenda appears to be hidden in a barrage of patriotic cheerleading and emotional rhetoric. The silence from the leader to whom they pay lip service will hopefully end this week, and maybe the insanity will also end. Stay tuned.