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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let there be light!

And Color! A feast for the eyes, friend Patricia Cheesman's latest collection of contemporary woven art is titled 'Woven Sunbeams' and beautifully captures in silk the changing light on the sea of her childhood memories. Conceived by Patricia and woven by master weaver Viroy Nanthapoom, each piece is a rich composition in color and texture. The luminosity of the silk and varied thread thickness make it the perfect medium for conveying the changing reflections of the sun on water. The ten wallhangings are nicely framed in compatibly-colored silk and are also complemented by two long, elegant runners/shawls and two handsome rugs for those special barefoot places.

The lovely blue composition on the wall above is of a very fine, smooth silk and must be seen up close (below) to fully appreciate the subtle colorations, tho from a distance it is equally stunning. One of the handsome rugs/floor mats is in the foreground- these can be custom made in special colors.

Photos do not do justice to the beauty of these works- if you are in Chiang Mai, do see them before 20 June, at Studio Naenna in Chiang Kian.

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