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Monday, November 02, 2009

Food for the Soul at La Bhu Salah

At last! La Bhu Salah had their grand opening Halloween night and half of Chiang Mai turned out for it. Even the 45 minute drive out of town did not seem to deter the friends and fans- and everyone came ready to celebrate. Food and beer flowed, with Vatch's own version of 'sai ua'/Chiang Mai sausage a popular treat. Various artists had set up their work, with ceramics, batik, and printing on fabric some of the examples. Entertainment was varied and included performances by local Lan Na groups of dancers and musicians.

It was difficult to photograph that night, so we went back later in the daytime and were given a private tour by Vatch himself! Below, he is shown on the grass roof in front of his personal kitchen (shown below that).

The property is about 12 rai and ranges from the restaurant along the road (below),

to studios and accommodations behind, with a small road leading back to a hilltop 'sala' for meditation, a fire pit (below),

more accommodations, plus the spa, and also Vatch's house and kitchens.

The handsome painting (below), in the style of temple murals, is in the reception area and shows the property when finished and alive with people and activities.

The plan is to offer all kinds of classes- ceramics, batik, massage, as well as cooking classes in Vatch's personal kitchens. La Bhu Salah has been conceived as an artist's homestay - a rustic but artsy, rural retreat with the comforts of home.

This feeling is conveyed in the materials used: lots of dark-stained wood, including old railroad ties, plus unfinished concrete, and homespun textiles. Tho only a few months old, it has a timeworn feel that makes one instantly at home. As plantings mature and finishes age it will only get better. We predict that it will shortly become one of Chiang Mai's hottest venues and fear the day when we'll have to wait for a table for dinner.

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