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Monday, May 10, 2010

Any excuse for a party!

Those of you following Thailand's political events will enjoy the CNN ireports of a friend of ours going by the nom de guerre 'Kozzli'. He's making daily, or almost daily, forays into the Red-Shirt encampment in the middle of the high rent retail district Rajprasong in Bangkok to bring us the very latest in the two month old saga of Those Who Eat Som Tam vs Those Who Do Not (watch his videos to find out...). It's an age-old saga of the disenfranchised 'Have Nots' taking on the 'Haves'- in Thailand better understood as New Money vs Old Money- with the Have Nots staking a claim to the color red and the Haves in yellow. (A new 'multicolor' is further muddying the water and strengthening the side of the Haves.) Kozzli does a great job of humanizing the new Bane of Bangkok. Even without scratch n' sniff one can smell the piles of durian baking in the sun, feel the closeness of the heat and humidity, and not help but move to the rhythm of 'mowlam', the music of Isaan. In his videos grandmas cook, kids are kids, and rabbits nibble. Check them out at CNN/ireports.

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