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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Two Journeys

Official opening: Venetia in black and white, and Inson behind her in shades of grey

January 6, 2011 was the inaugural of a retrospective for two artists whose journeys have been rich in spirit, vision and inspiration. Inson Wongsam, a Thai printmaker, woodcarver and sculptor literally journeyed from east to west on a Lambretta motorscooter in the 1960's, ultimately returning to his home in Pasang (south of Chiang Mai) in the 1970's. Venetia Walkey, a British artist and his wife, came to Thailand in the 1970's and never left, continuing her work as a sculptor and an ardent advocate for spiritual and environmental awareness. Together, they have created an amazing oeuvre, embodied in the site of their home and studios: Dhamma Park and Heritage Garden, located in Pasang. For this exhibition, many earlier works which are not on display at Dhamma Park, were shown, as well as pieces from the collections there. Filling four floors of attractive, well-lit gallery space, the show is a treat for the eyes and mind.

Panorama of an upper gallery showing Inson's prints and sculptures

Venetia's bronze of mating geckos

Two levels of galleries

Venetia's witty bronzes

Inson's carved and gilded relief panels

Venetia's conte drawing of two felines

Inson's large print

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