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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cheers to the New Year! Part 1

Dear Reader, for you I girded my loins and went into battle, armed with only my camera and a smile, on this, the first day of the Water Wars.

Known as Songkran, or Thai New Year, it is an annual display of wet merriment and mayhem (tho this year the merriment may have been curtailed somewhat by the banning of alcohol). The water, however was freely flowing and almost everyone was armed.

Enjoy from the dry comfort of your home and try to imagine being soaking wet in 100 degree heat-it's not too bad actually, especially if you're properly prepared.

May the games begin!

In this battle size didn't matter,

especially if you had a backpack water tank...

Where's Tigger?

There's Tigger!

Hello Kitty! But of course... a monkey on her back...

...and an elephant on his chest...

...or came as a Water Warrior

And for that 'je ne sais quoi', weird headgear seemed to be the must-have accessory this year...

For those just passing through and unarmed, it was necessary to have proper armor:
rain poncho, socks, and gloves(!) nothing was sacred and nobody spared

But this is just the beginning. See Part 2 for the parade of Buddhas.

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