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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cheers to the New Year! Part 3

Not only Buddhas got a thorough cleansing... everyone marching in the parade was fair game, including the Governor of Chiang Mai and his entourage.

Participants, one and all, were pretty well soaked at this early stage of the march. One could only wonder what would happen when they reached the moat enroute to Wat Phra Singh, even with special precautions:

...umbrellas were an attractive, tho not very effective, defense against the water...

Waterproof makeup should have been a priority for these Lady Boys.

And there's nothing like wearing a purple elephant head!

Interspersed with the Buddhas and wet dignitaries were small groups of traditional musicians keeping the beat going for their own mobile dance parties- veritable pied pipers:

A swan and dancer "flew" in all the way from Myanmar to join the fun.

And an 'naak' on prancing pony from the concurrent Poy Sang Long festivals even made an appearance.

During a lull in the procession Mr. Burger sneaked in, receiving ovations and hopefully some business.

And the local rickshaw drivers did their part by ferrying large offerings.

Finally the official parade ended and the parade of city life resumed, but the water never stopped.

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