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Friday, November 01, 2013

Vestiges @ Vichit's

Last May, toting my relatively new Lumix camera, I visited friend Vichit Chaiwong and discovered his renovation of a former factory space on the back of his property. Lit by skylites, the walls were richly colored with the layers of paint from years of craft production for his former Gong Dee Gallery shop. Vichit pioneered a style of modern home decor items in wood and lacquer ornamented with Lan Na motifs. I found the vestiges of this building's previous life visually fascinating.

Several return visits have resulted in a body of photos that I've titled 'Vestiges @ Vichit's'. This month a group of them have been hung at the entrance to the now-almost-finished new gallery. If you're in town, come have a look - I'd be happy to guide you there.

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