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Sunday, July 29, 2007

'Phi Ta Khon' Festival - Day 2 of 3

On the second day a demonstration of mask-making was given at the Folk Museum at the temple, and after lunch a Grand Parade linked the Municipality Offices with the temple.

In addition to the masked Phi Ta Khon, there was a group of ‘mudmen’, and the Phi Ta Khon Yai (large ‘wearable’ male and female figures with enlarged genitalia).

We also saw the youngest 'phi ta khon' (2-3 years?).

Later a grand entrance was made by the Jao Por Guan carried astride a bundle of long, homemade rockets and throwing gold and silver-wrapped sweets to the crowd (almost like Mardi Gras), prior to the launching of the rockets and a contest for trajectory distance (nothing phallic here…).

After the sunset, a series of Buddhist sermons was read continuously into the night by a rotation of monks. It was still going on the next morning...

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