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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

High on Chiang Mai

O how I love the smell of spray paint in the morning! So began a two-day visual adventure that was none other than a graffiti scavenger hunt. The venue was a massive, multi-story, abandoned concrete edifice just off the road going north to Maejo. The organizer was an international group called 'Meeting of Styles'. This was their first event in Chiang Mai, but not in Thailand, having had one last year in Hua Hin.  Artists from a long list of countries, plus lots of Thai artists from Bangkok and Chiang Mai, came for the two-day romp which had an 'A' list of sponsors who provided free paint, wet wipes, libations, etc. Corporate sponsors... who knew? I guess graffiti isn't just for rebels anymore...

Upon ascending to the main floor we were greeted by this handsome fellow in grisaille; a perfect welcome.

After that things got more colorful - here are some of the amazing works in progress that we witnessed:

Tones from Geneva

Artist from Oz & Friend

Thai artist

Seeing graffiti artists at work is rare: the ability to witness them working allowed us to marvel at their creativity and study their various techniques: spraycan, brush, fingers, masking tape, stencils... all were in use. The outcome was something to behold. Here is  a collaborative effort by five artists from five different origins. Below is a composite photo (by Robert) of the final manifestation, followed by the parts in progress.

OneTruth from Zurich
Group effort

Belgian artist

Man with cans
Jean Arp, call your office...

Caveman from San Patong

Tones (later) with his alter ego

CPSDude from Chiang Mai using stencils

Gobland (from Bangkok) and his portrait of a northern grandma

Gobland and giant paint can

..."Always High..."

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